Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are ditching Versailles and heading to Florence for their wedding, which will take place in the 16th century Forte di Belvedere on May 24th. The Associated Press confirmed the move after receiving a statement from a spokeswoman at the Florence mayor's office.

According to reports, Kimye rented the fort for 300,000 euros ($410,000). Kanye reportedly spoke to La Nazione, a Florence-based newspaper, and said that he and Kim traveled to Florence incognito and that North, who was born in June 2013, was conceived "among the Renaissance masterpieces."

"It was our first honeymoon," he reportedly told the paper. "It's one of the most beautiful cities of the world, for me the most beautiful in Europe." The interview also says that he claims his upcoming album may be titled Made In Florence, but there's no confirmation on whether this interview is actually real, and if he's using that as the name.

Maybe that's what Virgil was planning a few days ago on Instagram.

The real question is, how the hell will paparazzi climb the Oltrarno Wall?

[via AP]

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