Ray J is still denying that "I Hit It First" is about Kim K and Kanye West. In his latest interview with The Boombox, Ray J explains that the song is about him and his lifestyle, and how he loves Tina Fey's 'swag.' 

On his latest single, "I Hit It First":

It's about life. People are misunderstanding me when I say that it's not about—it's about me—I'm not saying it's not about anybody. But the main subject is about me and how turnt up I am and just my lifestyle and what I've been through ... more so than anything.

On the single art:

You know...some people say it's a picture of Kim K that you just pixelated.
And some people say it's Basquiat ... [Laughs loudly]. People have their own opinions about everything, you feel me?

On the 'I had her going North and her ass going South, but now baby choose to go West' lyric:

You know I wanted to represent the West Coast as best -- you know as much as I could. So that was pretty much throwin' up the W.

On wanting to perform on SNL, and how he wants to meet Tina Fey:

I would love to do SNL. I would actually love to hang out with the girl ... she's probably married but ... what's her name? Tina? Oh, she's hot.

She's married? Well, she's off limits. But she's hot, she's creative.
Love a funny, intelligent, independent woman. I love the glasses, I love her sense of humor, I love her dry humor and I kind of like her swag, you know, she's sexy.

[Via Boombox]

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