Vic Mensa Says Drake's Crew Harassed His Assistant After "Danger" Diss | Everyday Struggle

After Vic Mensa dissed Drake on "Danger," he says the Toronto rapper's crew harrassed his assistant.

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Up until he dropped "Danger" in early 2016, Vic Mensa never seemed to have a big issue with Drake. In fact, a lot of people compared Mensa's work to Drake's style when he was on the come up, and Mensa took up for Drake when the ghostwriting scandal went public two years ago. "I think Drake is enormously talented," he said at the time.

But "Danger" appears to have changed the relationship between the two rappers. During his appearance on Everyday Struggle on Monday, Mensa told us things haven't been so peachy with Drake's crew. Though he insisted he's not thinking about Drake, Mensa told the Everyday Struggle crew Drake was coming after him hard.

"There was a point in time when he made some disses, like he always does, subliminal things, he dug at fuckin Kanye, he dug at [Jay Z]," he said. "And so I said something in a rap too about him, and then he start blowing up phone lines, and like being extra pressed, being real mad, and I'm like yo, honestly this is just rap. You was takin' shots, and those are my niggas, so I'm going to say something too."

But Mensa also said Drake didn't come to him personally, and instead resorted to contacting and harassing the people around him.

"I don't know Drake like that," he said. "He was blowing up my man's phone lines, having people press my assistant. I'm like come on, that's corny, y'all pressin' my little white, redhead assistant at the club ... I was like, that's wack."

The nature of Mensa's diss probably has something to do with the response. He didn't just diss Drake, he claimed the Toronto native could "catch two in your Canada goose," which is pretty hostile even if it's a metaphor.

Who knows how serious the threats at Mensa have been, but this isn't the first time Drake and his crew have been accused of running up on another artist. Makonnen, whose hot-and-cold relationship with Drake has been well-documented, once claimed Drake and his crew walked up to him at an after party and claimed they were going to "fuck him up." There's smoke here, which means there might just be some fire.

Mensa had a whole lot to say on Everyday Struggle, and he dished on Jay Z's upcoming album, people calling themselves the new 2Pac, and the music he has coming on the horizon. You can watch the full episode up top and catch the Drake talk at the 54:20 mark.

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