Schoolboy Q Shares Update on Black Hippy Album and Tells Hilarious Story About Losing His Virginity

Schoolboy Q dished on losing his virginity and also gave an upate on the Black Hippy album.

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Schoolboy Q is the self-proclaimed weirdo of the TDE crew, and his strange sense of humor tends to shine through in his work. When the Black Hippy crew gets together, you can almost always count on Q to lighten the mood, while the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Ab-Soul wade into more introspective waters.

Q sat down with the folks at Montreality for a brief interview session, and he unleashed some thoughts on a variety of topics. Perhaps the funniest anecdote of them all was a story he told about losing his virginity, which involved him taking a wrong turn when he switched positions.

First time I had sex I was young, like 12 years old right. She was like 13, I was 12, and this was her first time too. But she was way more advanced than me, like she was pressuring me to do it. So I fucked her, and the first time we tried to do doggystyle, for some reason I thought you were supposed to fuck her in the ass. So the first time I had sex, I fucked a girl in the ass. That was the first and last time I ever fucked a girl in the ass. 

That sounds like a rather unfortunate mistake to make—especially for the young lady on the other end of the exchange—but thankfully Q seems to have learned from his past indiscretions.

More importantly for TDE fans, Schoolboy said he's already hard at work on his next project, but he shared bad news about a possible project with the Black Hippy crew. Q said the busy schedules of the TDE crew make it hard to envision ever having the time to record a full album, and claims their desire to put together cohesive projects makes it much tougher to jump from one thing to the next.

"People don't understand when you're working on an album and you're getting into a groove, it's hard to stop that groove and that zone you're in, that vision you got, to jump onto a whole new thing and restart from a blank sheet basically," said Schoolboy. "We don't just put albums out and call it something and it's just a bunch of dope songs, everything we do over there is like a concept."

While it's a shame we probably won't get an album from one of the best collectives in hip-hop, Q did say not to rule it out altogether. "If we can make it work, I'm down to do it," he said. "Those my homies, of course I want to do the album with them."

You can watch the full interview with Schoolboy above, where he also talks about playing with WWE dolls, using psychedelic drugs, and much, much more.

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