Gucci Mane and Chris Brown Embrace Asian Themes in “Tone It Down” Video

Gucci Mane and Chris Brown just dropped a video for their new collaboration "Tone It Down."

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Gucci Mane is living his best life in 2017, whether he's pretending to be a financial guru or linking up with Metro Boomin for one of the year's best projects, Droptopwop. Now he's back to drop off some visuals for his recent collaboration with Chris Brown, "Tone It Down."

With Eastern-inspired flutes blaring in the background, it only seems fitting for the "Tone It Down" video to come stocked with other relics of the region. Though Gucci didn't choose to partake himself, instead mostly flexing and letting his ice blind the camera, there are quite a few martial arts moves being shown off during the video.

gucci mane tone it down video

If being active isn't your thing, there's still plenty for you to do in Gucci's dojo. As our protagonist continues to sit atop his throne, the menu for the evening came into view. Hope you like sushi!

gucci mane tone it down video sushi

It's been over a month since this song first dropped, and it still goes pretty damn hard. The hit streak for Gucci can be at least partially explained by his satisfaction with his personal life, and he claims time in prison helped him focus on making positive changes in his life.

"When you sit down in a prison for three years it gives you time to think and just reflect on your whole life," he told Zane Lowe. "And I feel like my life had got so out of control because everything that I was doing to lead up to it led to that ultimate collapse. So now I feel like when I got in there I started kinda like making an effort to say 'hey listen, my life is going in a better direction.'"

Happy and healthy Gucci is good in our book. Check out the full video for yourself up top. 

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