Video Premiere: Jennifer Lopez "Same Girl"

Jenny from the block heads back to the block.

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At one point in the video for Jennifer Lopez's new song, "Same Girl," the background sound comes up and an older woman in the street looks at the singer, exclaiming "Jenny from the block!" Yup, J. Lo is back on the block, both making new music and, more literally, taking a trip through her old neighborhood, the Bronx.

"I'm tired of trying to make you see that I'm still me" J. Lo sings, and she decides to show and prove a bit here. Filmed guerrilla style, with the singer hopping on the train with a few friends and a camera, the video is laid-back and personal (yes, there's an orchestra on a rooftop, but come on, it's New York: anything is possible!). J. Lo rides the train, walks the BX streets and takes pictures with fans.

"This was probably the craziest thing I've done in my career of music and movies," she said about making the video. She added,  "I like just being able to do things spontaneously, and not have everything so planned out."

It's definitely a good look, and it's definitely what an aspiring J. Lo today would be doing for a music video. So yeah, you could say she's still the same girl from the Bronx. Check out the video above.

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