Watch Budding Atlanta Singer Raury's Video for "God's Whisper"

Check out the 17-year-old "Indigo Child."

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Inspired by the likes of Andre 3000 and Kid Cudi—but also Bon Iver, King Krule, and Phil Collins—Raury offers, as might be expected, a bit a of a genre hybrid. Raised in the east suburbs of Atlanta, the 17-year-old guitarist is a singer/songwriter with a hip-hop edge (i.e. plenty of bass in his songs). It's a blend a little bit reminiscent of world-conquering fellow teenager, Lorde, and it's a totally different sound for the A.

Although he doesn't have much music out yet, Raury's debut video, "God's Whisper," shows a level of polish beyond his years, and it's already attracting buzz for its distinct sound and striking visual approach. Directed by Andrew Donoho, the video shows Raury acting dumb with friends before hitting a bonfire with multiple substances that teenagers definitely aren't allowed to legally enjoy. With its carefully spelled out lyrics about rebellion and its stomping "ooh-na-na-na" backing vocals, it feels instantly huge. Check it out above.

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