Premiere: Que f/ T.I. & Young Jeezy "OG Bobby Johnson (ATL Mix)"

Word on the street is all of Atlanta's biggest rappers are suspects.

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Atlanta rapper Que scored a massive viral hit with last year's single "OG Bobby Johnson": Not only did the song quickly land high-profile fans like Jay Z and LeBron James, who used it as his pregame music, it also became the go-to song for other rappers to freestyle over thanks to its amazing beat and a hook that's incredibly fun to shout along to.

Among the freestyles to surface in the past few months was a stray verse from the King of the South, T.I., which offered one of the strongest indications Que might have made it into the ranks of Atlanta rap's A-list. Alongside a verse from fellow local icon Young Jeezy on the song's official "ATL Mix," it's an even clearer co-sign. Both T.I. and Jeezy bring appropriate intensity to the track, but Que's rapping still more than holds its own against the two heavyweights.

For those who wondered if Jeezy's mom ever walked in on him weighing drugs, the answer is here. For those who wondered whether this song still had legs, the answer is also here, but it should be self-evident. This may be an "ATL Mix," but expect it to make an impact nationwide.

 Check it out below:

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