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With his last video, "Daily," Boston rapper Michael Christmas showed off a deadpan sense of humor and charm rooted in his own awkwardness—exactly the characteristics that helped make a certain actor with a similar first name/last initial combination famous. It's appropriate, then, that he borrows Michael Cera's unique swagger (or at least a T-shirt with Cera's face on it) for his latest song, "Michael Cera," produced by frequent collaborator Goodwin, and its accompanying video, directed by Goodwin as well.

Full of references to Arrested Development and Super Bad, the TV show and movie, respectively, that helped break Cera, "Michael Cera" is a little more off-the-wall than "Daily" while still retaining the latter's sensibility, with laid-back flow and matter-of-fact punchlines. Lines like "George Michael Jr. she gonna let me smash, maybe/After she see the video for 'Daily'/After she see the money I ain't makin'" continue to play up Christmas's everyday guy character while acknowledging both his growing popularity and his undeniable resemblance to an actor who came into his own playing a boy in the awkward throes of puberty.

McLovin, threesomes with Maeby, finding money in the banana stand—Michael Cera fans will have their hands full counting the references. Meanwhile, Michael Christmas fans have a funny, entertaining new video full of visual puns to enjoy.

Check out the video for "Michael Cera" above.

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