Guess Who Paid Chance the Rapper a Visit Backstage Last Night in LA?

Who's that girl?

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Chicago's Chance the Rapper is good at making friends. He makes songs with James Blake. He tours with Eminem. As he raps on Vic Mensa's "Tweakin'," he doesn't make songs with Kendrick, they "just hang out."

Hey, he's a social guy. He loves to express himself lyrically. Right now, you know, he's very en vogue. In the rap game, he's like a virgin, touched by fame for the very first time. Everyone is crazy for him. They call his name, and it's like a little prayer. Best of all? He justifies the love. Naturally, Madonna had to join him backstage after he took a bow at his show in Los Angeles:

"Madonna showed up after my show in LA last night. What an eccentric and unique girl," Chance wrote. That's the kind of thing he'll live to tell his children about, one imagines.

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