Listen to a Calmer, OVO-Approved "Worst Behavior" Remix from Austin Producer Eric Dingus

Where I reside, it look like a chiller resort inside.

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"Worst Behavio(u)r" is an obvious highlight from Drake's Nothing Was The Same, the album's one moment that's indisputably reserved for turning up. But what about the times when you want to turn up, like, a little less? Like, turn up with a music box playing softly in the background?

Those are the moments where you can put on this airy, drifting remix of the song from 18-year-old Austin producer Eric Dingus, which got a stamp of approval in the form of a post from Drake's creative director Oliver El-Khatib on the OVO blog. Dingus, who has a knack for atmospheric remixes of popular songs, softens the song's edges and makes it safe to zone out to. 

Check it out below:

[via Fader; OVO]

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