The Video for Chinx Drugz and French Montana's "Feelings" Is Beautiful And Moving

Chinx cares about your feelings, after all.

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Life is full of disappointments. Sometimes your favorite team loses. Sometimes your favorite rapper ignores you as you wait to get his autograph. Sometimes you face eviction or injury or loss. Sometimes you simply feel like you don't have any friends. And the worst part? No one cares. In the grand scheme of things, your feelings are pointless. The world is a cruel fucking place, and it will continue to be one despite how unfair that seems or how sad it makes you.

And Chinx Drugz knows that. When it first dropped, "Feelings," his single with French Montana, seemed like a casual fuck-you to anyone getting caught up in their feelings about the Coke Boys' success. But the video for the song makes it clear that it's something way more powerful. The story of a young boy who gets ignored by Chinx and loses faith in the rapper, it frames the song as emotional venting—it's not that Chinx doesn't care about your feelings, it's that he understands the frustration of feeling that way. And, ultimately, maybe the Bronx rapper really does want to make things right. Suddenly, this single rules. If you don't cry at the end of this, you're not real. Seriously, if you heard Chinx was being forced to change his name, it's true: After this, it would be insane if he didn't go by Chinx Hugz.

This is beautiful. Coke Boy, baby. Check it out above.

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