Songs to Listen to When You're Pissed Off

If you didn't already know, it's not all roses and daises here on DAD. While we love bigging up the tracks and artists that we consider to be a cut ab

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If you didn't already know, it's not all roses and daises here on DAD. While we love bigging up the tracks and artists that we consider to be a cut above the rest, we also have no problem discussing things that frustrate and confuse us about the dance music scene. There can be a sense of jadedness in the words, but really we just have a lot of love and passion for the electronic music scene, so when something pisses us off, we speak on it. When we're pissed, we don't want to hear Zedd's "Clarity" or the muted, melancholy chill room tones. We need tunes that match our emotion, shit that not only melts faces but rips them completely off your skull. We need tracks to listen to when we're pissed off. Here's what you might find some of us bouncing to if we just can't take it anymore.

Atari Teenage Riot - "Start The Riot!"

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Label: Digital Hardcore
Year: 1995

Digital Hardcore is all about that pent-up aggression being released, and this was a perfect way for ATR to kick off their classic Delete Yourself album. Delete Yourself album

Aphex Twin - "Come to Daddy"

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Label: Warp
Year: 1997

Ever feel like eating someone's soul? Aphex wrote a song about it. Now all you need is a gang of demented children to do your bidding.

The Prodigy - "Breathe"

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Label: Maverick
Year: 1996

For those moments when all you want to do is rage in your room after a taxing day of work, school, or bullshit.

Tempa T - "Next Hype"

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Label: No Hats No Hoods

Year: 2009

You getting parred? You trying to mash up your friend's car and/or house at some point? Tempz feels your pain, and probably smacked up many a man in his day.

DJ Adam X - "House of Horror"

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Label: Direct Drive
Year: 1993

Hardcore acid-infused beats to stomp your aggression out to.

Technical Itch - "The Ruckus"

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Label: Penetration

Year: 2002

Tech Itch might be the most maniacal surgeon of drum & bass beats, and 2002's "The Ruckus" would be the oerfect soundtrack to fucking everything in your immediate area up.

DJ Rashad - "I Don't Give A F**k"

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Label: Hyperdub
Year: 2013

Pac's lines from Juice synched perfectly with this insanely abstract footwork is for those of you who are screaming YOLO before going on rage sessions in Grand Theft Auto V online.

Funtcase - "So Vexed"

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Label: Circus Records
Year: 2010

Meaty dubstep that will probably kick off a night of drinking that ends with you in a police lock-up.

Manifest & Keaton - "I Don't Give a F**k"

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Label: Renegade Hardware
Year: 2004

There's a mantra in the beginning of this track that has made many a music-loving junglist not give a shit about what's going on around them.

DJ Freak - "Abduction Experiment"

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Label: Storm Records Scotland
Year: 1995


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