Diehard Drake Fans Will Love His New Tattoo

Drake paid tribute to his old Twitter handle with his latest tattoo.

Drake's Drakkar Noir tattoo
Image via Instagram
Drake's Drakkar Noir tattoo

Before the world lost its collective sh*t while listening to More Life on OVO Sound Radio, the world lost its collective sh*t over the hibiscus flower tattoo that Drake got. It looks like that's not the only new ink Drake got, and a new post on IG highlights a throwback reference to Drake's Twitter presence.

Niki Norberg shared the photo of the tat, which is right next to the "unruly" ink on his shoulder. For those who aren't aware, Drakkar Noir is a pretty legendary men's fragrance that was the basis for Drake's old Twitter account, @Drakkardnoir.

Why get this tat now? Who knows, but you can't front, if you rode for Drakkar like that, you might need to represent it on your body. The real question is, did Norberg give Drake any more new ink?

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