Bow Wow Is Tired of "U Dumb Mafukers" in His Comments

Don't come for Bow Wow and his empty bottle of Ciroc.

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Habitual L-takerLil Bow Wow doesn't make it easy for himself. Whether there's a "scientific method" to his fake stunting is yet to truly be seen, but it continues to be open season on the Bow Wow who wants you to call him Shad Moss whenever he gets on social media. Just check out this Instagram from the other day, where he's documenting how lit his time at Club LIV in Miami was (almost empty Ciroc bottle included).

"I just do it different," Bow Wow used for the caption, but folks in the comments didn't even believe that he could afford the bottle he was sipping on, again due to his insane fuckery that's spawned whole challenges. When Bow Wow caught wind of how he was being roasted in his own comments, though, he wasn't for it, going on a lit tirade that I find myself not being mad at.

"U dumb mafukers LISTEN!!," Bow Wow began. "Im tipsy! If the mafuukan bottle empty u stupid shits! Means we drinking. Fuck wrong u w mafukas! Alota of mafukas on social media are fucking idiots! Exactly why i barely respond respond to folks. The more stupid mafukas i talk to it dumbs me down. STOP TALLLLLKKKING TOOOO MEEEEEEE"

It's hard to take Bow Wow calling people "idiots" seriously when he can't consistently spell the word "motherfucker" correctly, but I hate that the internet is making me side with Bow Wow. People truly are idiots; even if Bow Wow can't afford a plane, or a bottle of Ciroc, guess what? I know many IG-hawking "mafukers" who are trying to figure out the splits on the tab when the night is over. It's easy af to clown Bow Wow for his fake fuckery, because again, he makes it super easy, but I refuse to believe that everyone in his mentions has their funds correct during every outing.

Truth be told, I don't want Bow Wow to change. He's the constant enigma who is cognizant of his bullshit and seems to revel in the hate... that is until he's a little too lit and reads a comment that fucks up his fun.

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