Premiere: Craze and Four Color Zack Go "All Out" on New 2¢ Single

DJs Craze and Four Color Zack link back up as 2¢ for "All Out."

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Since the last two bangers we've got from 2¢ members Craze and Four Color Zack were soloefforts, it's dope to have the band back together for their first official single, "All Out." And while the two scratch mavens are normally known for getting their turntablism on, this go 'round they found inspiration from what might be considered an unlikely place...unless you're a fan of the drum & bass scene.

On "All Out," there's an obvious influence from the UK jungle/drum & bass sound, which is normally clocking in around 170 BPMs and chock full of breakbeats and menacing basslines. If you know Craze, that's one of the genres that he really got into during the late '90s, and is something that's been thrust into the turntablism scene ever since. It sounds like he was feeling frogging, diving into "All Out" with a feel for "some old tear up the club DnB tunes from years past."

While he says the energy within drum & bass would make him "feel like breaking shit," we're glad he just linked up with Zack to craft "All Out." Zack makes it sound easy: "We were talking about about how that era was so raw and unexpected. Once we caught that spark again, the song basically wrote itself." Check the breakbeats in the intro and the edge they threw on that bassline (especially in the breakdown) for that proper dnb vibe.

"All Out" is available on Beatport right now; turn up your new weekend soundtrack LOUD, then do as it says and go "all out widdit."

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