Tidal May Have Just Accidentally Leaked Rihanna's 'ANTI' Album

Is this another signal that 'ANTI' will release soon?

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As if the anticipation for Rihanna's upcoming ANTI album wasn't too much to handle already, Tidal seems to have posted the album and tracklist, and then promptly removed both from the site. The leak gives us hope that maybe, finally and officially, ANTI will be out very soon. Earlier today, Rihanna shared "Work," her collaboration with Drake, which they've already shot a video for. This Tidal mix-up certainly has us itching for more. Drizzy and SZA are both featured on the album, though it's unclear if there are any more unlisted appearances. Rihanna has played with our emotions with this releasebefore; this looks to be the real deal though. As of now, Tidal has yet to comment on the possible mix-up. 

Added anticipation: Producer Hit Boy confirms he worked on "Woo."

One thing that got lost in the album leak is Rihanna's promo run up to its release. The singer had launched her ANTIdiaRY site that offered clues for the project. The eighth and final room has finally been opened. Check it out here.

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