Watch Drake Introduce the Toronto Raptors During "Drake Night"

Drake shows off his impressive announcing skills.

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The Toronto Raptors and hometown rapper Drake are celebrating yet another "Drake Night" in honor of the popular artist, inviting fans to the game to get free OVO swag and a chance to see the Raptors defeat the Brooklyn Nets. In this video, Drake gets loose during the pre game introduction of the team and gave the team members his own affectionate nicknames throughout the speech. Watch the players attempt to not laugh as he shows off his comedic side set to the instrumental of "6 God." 

In an interview with ESPN, Drake also revealed that he has some "great" things in store for the beginning of 2015, possibly confirming the rumor that he plans on dropping an EP in January that Raptors player DeMar Derozan mentioned a few weeks ago

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