The Seattle Seahawks DJ Can't Play Future Because Russell Wilson Is Dating Ciara


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The NFL season is back in full swing, and even though most of the team DJs in the league will have a full selection of new music to choose from, the DJ for the Seattle Seahawks has a very interesting dilemma. In an interview with Billboard, the Seahawks arena DJ, DJ DV One, spoke on the weird dynamic between star quarterback Russell Wilson, his girlfriend Ciara, and popular rapper of the moment, Future. We're all aware at this point of the three-way back and forth between between them, and even with Future's career on an upswing, DV One admitted that playing his music in the arena is a little awkward: 

"This year, I've been getting a lot of requests for Future. But that dynamic is weird too, because I can barely play Future with Ciara running around and that's her baby's dad. It's just that he has a dope-ass album out right now, players like to hear it, it definitely gets you pumped up -- even though it's low-tempo, it's still stuff that you want to hear -- and then you've got Ciara running up with little baby Future and she's dating Russell so it's like, "Oh f---."

We can understand why he'd be a little apprehensive to play any cuts from DS2 (or "Tony Montana"), but he keeps it fair saying that it would also be weird to play Ciara's music because he may be judged by people saying that "He's just playing that because she's dating Russell." Check out more of the interview here.

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