Kim Kardashian Bought Kanye a Custom Monopoly Board For His Birthday

It's the thought that counts.

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What do you buy the man who has it all? A customized Monopoly board of course. Sources at Us Weekly are reporting that KimKardashian bought Kanye West a customized Monopoly board for his 37th birthday. 

Kim managed to get her hands on an exclusive version of Hasbro's "My Monopoly" board, which doesn't hit stores until August. The game, which will retail at $19.99 upon release, allows players to to make their own spaces and game pieces and add them to the game.

A source tells Us Weekly that Kim replaced the big money Park Avenue space with the Palace of Versaiiles, where the couple held the rehearsal for their wedding. Kim also replaced the coveted Broadway space with Italy's Fort Belvedere, the site where she and Kanye were married. 

Hopefully Kim didn't just stop there with the customization. Perhaps she could have replaced the "Free Parking" space with the parking sign that Kanye hit his head on, or maybe just customize the "Go To Jail" space to automatically start a Yeezus rant

[via Us Weekly]

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