Could "King Kunta" Be Kendrick Lamar's Next Single?

Kendrick Lamar's new music sounds incredible.

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Kendrick Lamar made his triumphant return to music last month, releasing his divisive single titled "i," which wasn't what many were expecting. Tonight, Scott Vener (who is the Music Supervisor for HBOs "Entourage") let loose a few tweets that revealed some information on Kendrick's upcoming album. He was originally going to meet with Pharrell Williams in his studio but Kendrick Lamar was also in attendance and decided to play a couple of new songs. One of the standout tracks was titled "King Kunta," a song that he said that Pharrell described as "unapologetically black." Check out some of the tweets below:

If the song left that much of an impression on Scott and Pharrell, then we can only imagine what will happen when Kendrick finally decides to release it.

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