Here's Juvenile's Awesome Promo Spot For an Appliance Store

No credit? No problem!

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Juvenile is proving that he's much more than a rapper in this promo spot for a St. Louis, MO based appliance store. Earlier today, he tweeted a 30 second ad, where he and a young man talking into a shoe try their best to talk loudly enough over the washers and dryers they're surrounded by. Juve takes control of the promo a few seconds in (the shoe had horrible acoustics, obviously), and exclaims the virtues of M.C. Appliance's "No credit? No problem!" stance. Extra points for the guy holding the iPhone who can be clearly heard coaching the two actors. Check out the video above.

Of course, a few fans on Twitter had things to say about it as well:

@juviethegreat yall got any fans or ac??? My house 400 degreez fam
How much y'all washer/dryer combos? @juviethegreat
get you washer ha you can get you a fridge ha, even if you got bad credit ha it don't matta ha RT @juviethegreat: M.C

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