Bon Iver's Justin Vernon Isn't Impressed With Apple Music

He blames iTunes for the fact that he listens to music less.

With the announcement of their new Apple Music streaming service, Apple has left the music industry with more questions than answers. The streaming war between Spotify, TIDAL and now Apple Music has heated up but there's also more skepticism about how indie artists will get their fair share as well. Justin Vernon of Bon Iver shared his concerns and a couple of thoughts about Apple Music and Spotify in a series of Tweets earlier today, and his candid thoughts are pretty insightful:

don't need to read this. its true. the company that made me believe in companies, and not joking: PEOPLE is no more
. @blobtower been thinking this for a while. ironically i think its iTunes why I've listened to less music / 2yrs. bad syncing/platform

In protest of iTunes (which he says doesn't properly organize his MP3s) Vernon actually started a #NotOnSpotify hastag a month ago as well which points out yet another issue with the all-streaming future that faces music lovers:

Dobie Gray - Loving Arms #notonspotify there is a version of the song on his 'best of' but it's a re-record and isn't as good.
not on spotify: Bulgarian Women's Choir - Tour '93
#notonspotify sam amidon - all is well & but this chicken proved falsehearted

Only time will tell if there will ever be a proper home for obscure and rare records between the three streaming services that are vying for our dollars, but at least artists like Vernon are coming forward and bringing it to light.

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