Nas Grabs a Proton Pack for New 'Ghostbusters' Clothing Line

Grab your proton packs off the racks!

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Just as I was beginning to wonder what the hell he's even up to these days, the demigod emcee Nas grabs a proton pack and dons a custodial jumpsuit to promote his new HSTRY clothing line, which is styled in partnership with, and tribute to, the resurgent Ghostbusters film franchise. It's so far unclear when, exactly, HSTRY will make its new Ghostbusters line available for purchase via the company's website. The new Ghostbusters movie, starring Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig, will premiere in July.

Anyone who follows this byline would know that we here at Complex are enthusiastically mindful of Ghostbusters' legacy as it relates to black American music, with this latest campaign being one of the better fashion looks of Nas' career, if we're being honest. Will he be on the new soundtrack? One must assume.

Watch Nas and HSTRY clothing's new HYPEBEAST TV ad for their special Ghostbusters collaboration above. Please note that the proton pack that Nas is wearing in the ad is NOT the original proton pack design. This new shit looks like a backpack. The original proton pack looked like a hydrogen-powered IBM computer from the early 1980s.

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