10 Reasons Migos Are Better Than The Beatles

Knock Paul McCartney out like fight night.

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For the love of music history and critical thought: Migos vs. The Beatles is a stupid, cynical comparison. At best, it's admittedly silly. At its worst, it's a played-out strain of viral trolling that's rather incurious about the Beatles’ influence on rock, pop, and pretty much all commercial music of the past half-century. No Label 2 is cool but not without precedent. Rich Nigga Timeline doesn’t hold a candle to Rae Sremmurd’s debut, much less against A Hard Day’s Night or Rubber Soul. Sgt. Pepper, is a musical feat, the likes of which Migos have yet to even attempt. Migos are young, experimental, and they've yet to release their proper label debut, so I’m holding out hope for their impact on 2015.

While I’m hard-pressed to discount the Beatles' rich discography, make no mistake: the Migos go hard in their own, unobstructed way. They’re of the trap, for the trap. Their origin story is the stuff of Marvel and Michael Bay. Their biggest songs (“Versace,” “Hannah Montana,” “Fight Night”) are nonetheless radical in content and spiritual in nature. (In this sense, they’ve got even more in common with James Brown than with the Beatles.) The Beatles, meanwhile, haven't released a decent album since 1970. And Kanye collaborations aside, Paul McCartney has yet to win that coveted Drake co-sign.

At several select turns, Migos is unfuckwittable. After weeks of deliberation, we proudly present 10 Reasons Migos Is Better Than The Beatles. And as a bonus, below, we revisit Proper Villain's clutch Beatles mix of Rich the Kid and Quavo's "Jumpin' Like Jordan," which never gets old.

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