10 Other People Kanye West Should Apologize to in 2015

Leave Dennis Haysbert alone.

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In the life of Kanye West, awards shows beget apologies. Taylor Swift after the VMAs in 2009. Beck after the Grammys last month. Somehow, despite his better judgment, Kanye has turned competitive insult into an art that rivals his music. Of course, he's never hesitated to offend random celebrities in his music, too. Most recently, Kanye spit a gratuitous, unexpected diss at dramatic actor Dennis Haysbert on "All Day," Kanye's latest single.

While it's touching to see Kanye recently reconcile with T-Swift, Beck, and even Bruno Mars, Kanye's career hitlist is overwhelmingly staked with folks who maybe he shouldn't have blacked out on or hit with a stray. There's still time for him to make graceful amends, however. As a new, graceful, media-trained Kanye makes the rounds to promote his new album, So Help Me God, here are 10 Other People Kanye West Should Apologize to in 2015. New year, new you.

Dennis Haysbert, Actor

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Offending quote: "You a fake Denzel like the Allstate nigga!"

The reality that this bar is brazen and hilarious is beside the point; Kanye's insult is inaccurate. Dennis Haysbert, a.k.a. 24's President Palmer, a.k.a. "the Allstate nigga," is a staid, formal, baritone actor, the furthest thing from Denzel Washington. If Haysbert is a straight jack of any black male actor, it's Lance Reddick, a.k.a. Lt. Cedric Daniels of The Wire fame. In any case, Dennis Haysbert is a thespian and gentleman, Ye, so you take that back.

Mike Myers, Comedian

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Offending quote: "George Bush doesn't care about black people!"

Two commonly wrong opinions about Kanye's infamous Katrina telethon rant: (1) Kanye's most provocative quotable isn't the line about George Bush, but rather his fat suggestion that the National Guard had been sent down to New Orleans to shoot all the black people; and (2) the award for best double-take goes not to Mike Myers, but to Chris Tucker, who, in 2005, was the celebrity very least capable of restoring order to a network television broadcast. Poor Mike looked surreally traumatized. Please note that Myers' film career plummeted to an obscure low immediately following all of this. 

Amber Rose, Goddess

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Offending quote: "It's very hard for a woman to wanna be with someone that's with Amber Rose. I had to take 30 showers before I got with Kim."

She inspired Kanye's greatest album. She stood with Wiz through the release of his second-best-selling album. She's a West African sorceress, probably. What's the shame in dating this woman, international treasure that she is? When the Army of God is upon us, Amber Rose will be riding horseback. Apologize now, Kanye, lest homegirl shower you with arrows and holy radiance.

Kris Humphries, Power Forward

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Offending quote: "Lucky I ain't have Jay drop him from the team!"

Unlucky that this line somehow ruined Kris Humphries' life and career regardless. Kanye dropped "Cold" in April 2012, and Kim and Kris had already separated by that point, but the cuckolding vibes are strong on this one. You won, Kanye. We get it. Now call this man and give him a few words of cold, belated comfort. 

Mr. Rainey, Father-In-Law-To-Be

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Offending quote: "So I promised to Mr. Rainey, 'I'm gonna marry your daughter.'"

Mind you, Kanye promised Sumeke Rainey's father this as he was on his deathbed. Granted, he let all those promises fly a year before he blew up as a solo rapper, a lifestyle change that'll revolutionize anyone's sex life. Kanye's prayed on it, I assume. #blessed

Beanie Sigel, Rapper

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Offending quote: "Took care of these niggas' lawyer fees!"

I get why Jay Z was on here talking all shades of reckless about his former ace and labelmate Sigel, who spent 2009 and much of 2010 dissing Hov in interviews with YouTube producers and struggle publications. Beanie was in his feelings, and Hov was well within his rights. But why was Kanye in the mix, talking all that spit and additional shade? Didn't Beans save Kanye from getting roughed and possibly slumped in a Manhattan diner a decade ago? Is Kanye not thus eternally indebted to the Broad Street Bully? Loyalty, indeed.

T-Pain, Singer

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Offending quote: "T-Pain's shit is weak!" (paraphrased)

Occasionally sad panda T-Pain vented to the motherfuckering New Yorker about how Kanye and his band of studio goons gathered 'round and chanted (Sandlot-style) that T-Pain's music sucks. This went down during the recording sessions for 808s & Heartbreak, an album rather obviously indebted to the R&B style and Auto-Tune uses that T-Pain had mastered a couple years prior. Kanye, bruh. Come on. How could you be so heartless?

Barack Obama, U.S. President

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Offending quote: "I don't give a fuck what the president's got to say."

Not giving a fuck what the president's got to say is a staple of Kanye's celebrity routine at this point. He's the black Eminem in this regard. In this case, Kanye was lumping his frustration with President Obama, Jay Z, and Justin Timberlake into a 2013 rant against corporatism, "Suit & Tie," etc. Kanye vs. Obama is perhaps the most hopeless Kanye grudge, though to be fair: Obama started it.

Michelle Obama, U.S. First Lady

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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

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Offending quote: "Prince William ain't do it right if you ask me..."

BRUH. Prince William and Kate Middleton had been married for less than five months, hardly enough time for a royal honeymoon, before Kanye dragged the beloved monarchs into extravagant rap debauchery known as "Niggas in Paris." Lucky Kate ain't have MI-6 pop and drop him from the Earth. So disrespectful.

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