Listen to Father & Archibald Slim's "Spill"

Father and Archibald Slim deliver a dizzying new track with "Spill."

Image via Mass Appeal

Father and Awful Records continue to release music in a steady, easily digestible stream. After dropping the Brawl EP with RichPoSlim last month, Father handles the production on "Spill." Falling in line with the aesthetic of previous releases, "Spill" is gritty, muddled, and dizzying. Father incorporates heavy bass drops and differing layers of synths and voices with a hypnotic sample to bring the instrumental together. If I was piss drunk and this came on, I think my vision would be shot by the end of the song. At the very least, the sample would imbalance my vibes—Father and Archibald Slim fully take control of how they want you to feel on "Spill." It's dark, deconstructed, and best of all, has a noticeable trap bounce after Archibald Slim's choppy, tightly rapped verse.

Stream "Spill" below.

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