Cardi B's Advice for Khloé Kardashian Amid Cheating Scandal: 'Do What Your Heart Feel Like Doing'

In a new interview with Big Boy, Cardi B also spoke about what 'Invasion of Privacy' almost sounded like.

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Cardi B's April has included the release of her debut LP, Invasion of Privacy, revealing her pregnancy during her excellent Saturday Night Live performance, and co-hosting the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Most recently, she stopped by Big Boy’s radio show, and although she chose to not comment on what Nicki Minaj said on Thursday about their non-feud, she spoke a lot about the process of making her album as well as the major milestone of having a baby with fiancé Offset.

She also gave advice to Khloé Kardashian, who just gave birth yesterday at the height of a wild cheating scandal centered on her baby’s father, Tristan Thompson. Cardi said she would tell Khloé to “do what your heart feel like doing. At the end of the day, everybody wanna act like they date pastors and their relationship is perfect.” The discussion starts at the 27:07-mark in the video above.

Naturally, her relationship with Offset came up. She continually describes her fiancé as supportive, always believing she would be a big star even before “Bodak Yellow” took off. But the public nature of their relationship means his cheating past will always be in the news. Cardi also said that she and Offset had to “fight” for their love, and it even got to the point that family got involved. “Everybody was like let it go, but people that love me, and know me, and know us, was telling me to work it out,” she said.

Of course, the two are still together. Cardi B said that she and Offset already know the sex of the baby, while the Migo has a name for the new addition. She didn't reveal either to Big Boy, though.

Cardi B also talked about why her debut LP ended up landing just a week ago. As most fans will remember, during a September performance at the Made in America festival, Cardi announced that her debut album would be released in October. October came and went without the album. Cardi explained to Big Boy that she had some songs “stashed up,” but her team told her that she was confusing mixtapes with albums, and that she needed to work on a cohesive body of work before releasing anything.

“Next thing you know, it’s already December, and I don’t really have songs that I think are worthy for the album, because I’m so busy chasing a bag because I’m getting offers of money that I never got offered before,” she said.

She worked hard to create a mix of songs for the album. The ones she thought she would release in October were “really hood, no passion, no nothing.” But now, “every song [on her album] I jam to it—jam to it until I got tired.”

Listen to the full interview above before her Coachella performance.

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