DJ Khaled's Son Asahd Wants to Work With Justin Bieber, But Also Cries at the Sight of Him

The world's happiest baby has very serious career goals.

Baby Asahd at BET awards

Chris Delmas/AFP/Getty Images

Baby Asahd at BET awards

Asahd Tuck Khaled, DJ Khaled’s eight-month-old, is arguably the happiest, most accomplished baby of all time—not to mention that he’s already richer than you’ll probably ever be, and he hasn’t even had his first birthday yet (but just imagine how fire the guest list to that party will be). At the tender age of less than one, Asahd has already executive produced Grateful, his father’s newest project with features from the likes of Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Future, and Justin Bieber.

Speaking of the Canadian pop singer, it looks like Asahd is ready to produce yet another album, this time with Bieber. Although the baby does seem genuinely excited at the prospect of working with Bieber, he has also been pictured uncontrollably crying at the sight of him, presumably stressed out at the realization of all of the work that’s ahead of him. (#same) 

It all started when Asahd took to his personal Twitter account yesterday to answer some fan questions. When a fan suggested he produce the Canadian pop star’s new album, Asahd was more than willing. Bieber has yet to respond to the baby’s generous offer.

Of course! Hey @justinbieber what's good?!🎬😜🎶

— Asahd Khaled (@asahdkhaled) June 29, 2017

The Khaled family is no stranger to success alongside Bieber, especially since “I’m The One,” DJ Khaled’s single that features Bieber, Chance the Rapper, Quavo and Lil Wayne and is a leading contender for song of the summer. And despite Asahd’s age, he’s already got sharp business sense, seeing as Bieber’s last album Purpose, of “Sorry” and “Love Yourself” fame, was released two whole years ago in 2015, and the pop star is ripe for a new project. 

In fact, Asahd has been trying to work on Bieber’s upcoming album for a while now—or at least since February, when he posted a photo of himself and Bieber to his Instagram. 

But it looks like negotiations aren’t going as well as fans would’ve hoped. Recently surfaced footage from behind the scenes on set of the “I’m The One” video shows Asahd, the world’s only permanently cheerful child, balling his eyes out at the sight of Bieber.  

Maybe Asahd just needs a little more help from his father before he completely takes the reigns of his career. In a recent YouTube video that really straddles the line between adorable and outright bizarre, Khaled does just that, speaking directly to his son as he sits behind a desk in his office and continues to be the happiest, most accomplished babies in recent history. 

DJ Khaled explains that the album is titled Grateful because Asahd is his greatest blessing, and stresses that he needs Asahd, the executive producer of the album, to sign off  on the project. “You didn’t have to executive produce this album, and I appreciate that,” Khaled says.

Whether Asahd works with Bieber in the future or ultimately decides against it is yet to be seen, but he’ll probably keep us well-informed with his many social media accounts and that irresistible smile. 

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