Guapdad 4000 Says He Got So High With Wiz Khalifa That He Forgot His Childhood Memories

The rappers said the incident went down during a recording session that yielded four to five unreleased tracks.

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Warning: Getting baked with Wiz Khalifa may result in temporary memory loss — at least, that’s what Guapdad 4000 says.

The Oakland-born rapper made the claim more than a month ago, when he shared a peek at his recording session with the “Still Blazin” artist.

“Bruh this n***a Wiz Khalifa has me so fucking high I’m starting to forget brief moments of my childhood,” he wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter). “I’m never rapping w this n***a again.”

Guapdad and Wiz revised the comments during the February 16 episode of Stoned & Sexy, when they dished about their smoking habits and how it impacted their music. 

“I seen a tweet that you had put up that said you got so high with me in the studio that you had forgotten your childhood memories,” Wiz said during the sit-down.

“Swear to God, shit just started leaving me,” Guapdad said, causing the hosts to laugh. “I’m texting my little brother like, ‘Was the hoodie red or blue, bro?’”

Guapdad confirmed that he was smoking Khalifa Kush, an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that Wiz created in 2012.

“I think I was just so excited to have the chance to just sit down and cook with this n***a, that I was just juiced,” he continued. “I was power smoking… It was one right after the other. I still kept my composure, though, but I definitely did not wake up the next day.”

Although Guapdad was admittedly “juiced,” Wiz made it clear that the 1176 rapper was still on his game and successfully recorded a handful of cuts.

“You was holding it together, though,” Wiz said. “You didn’t seem like you were super stoned. The verses came out awesome… It didn’t seem like you were up against the ropes. Every track came out… We did, like, four or five.”

Wiz didn’t provide any more details about the recordings, but reassured listeners they were on the way. 

Guapdad went on to say that he quit smoking in 2014 and started again roughly three years ago. 

“I think the demons won,” he said when asked why he chose to take up weed again. 

Wiz suggested that Guapdad’s career reached new heights about three years ago, around the same time he resumed smoking. The weed connoisseur said he experienced something quite similar at the beginning of his career before he adopted the stoner lifestyle. 

“I was in the studio and a n****a was like, ‘Man, you hard, you can rap, but as soon as you start smokin’ weed, n***a, that’s gonna take you to the next level,’” he recalled. “I was like, ‘I’m good. I don’t need that shit, blah, blah, blah.’ But, literally, as soon as I started smoking weed and rapping, dawg, that shit went to the next motherfuckin’ level. I just heard music totally different.”

You can watch the full Stoned & Sexy episode via YouTube above.

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