Druski Says Drake Has a Traveling Bartender Who Makes a Mysterious Drink

Druski says Drizzy’s mysterious beverage reminds him of the “potion from Space Jam” and that there’s “something in that drink that can give me the powers.”

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Drake clearly doesn’t mess around when it comes to his alcohol.

During a recent appearance on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning, Drizzy’s good friend/collaborator Druski was asked to recall the last time he got drunk. The 28-year-old comedian said it was back in May, when he joined Drake and Jack Harlow for the “Churchill Downs” video shoot during the Kentucky Derby. 

“I was pretty lit. That was probably the last, last time I was really drunk,” he said around the 19:20 mark.

Druski admitted he couldn’t remember how the night ended, but confirmed he and Drake were pretty inebriated, while Harlow was completely sober.

“He doesn’t drink,” Druski said about the Louisville, Kentucky rapper. “… We’re literally trying to beg him to drink. We’re like, ‘Yo, please enjoy yourself.’”

Co-host Peter Rosenberg interjected, saying Drake seemed like someone who would pressure others to drink. Druski insisted that wasn’t the case, before revealing that Drake has his very own traveling bartender.

“Nah, like, he’ll bring the vibe to the whole shit,” Druski said. “But honestly he drinks something, like. It’s like a potion. I don’t even know what Drake’s drink is. I’m not even joking. It’s like a potion. He has a bartender that travels with him, so only he makes his drinks.”

Druski said he was intrigued by the concoction, which he has yet to taste.

“I beg him for the drink all the time,” he revealed. “It’s probably like that potion from Space Jam … I know there’s something in that drink that can give me the powers that he’s got.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Druski spoke about his come-up and the support he received from Drizzy early on in his career.

“Drake gave me a great opportunity with the ‘Laugh Now Cry Later” video,” he said around the 9:20 mark. “A big opportunity. I was actually gonna tat ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’ ...just a milestone thing. I was probably gonna put it on my leg or something. That did change my life.”

You can watch Druski’s full sit-down above.

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