Daniel Caesar keeps blessing fans.

Just two weeks after delivering “Do You Like Me?” the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter returns with “Let Me Go,” his second release of 2023. The track is a down-tempo joint that finds Caesar reflecting on an emotionally draining relationship that he’s struggling to end.

“I’m not afraid of manipulation/You’re stuck in your ways/I run out of patience,” he sings. “You’re lying when you tell me that you won’t be fine/I’m not leadin’ you on/I’m leavin’ you behind.”

You can stream Daniel Caesar’s “Let Me Go” now on all major platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify below.

The Toronto artist is preparing to release the follow-up to his 2019 sophomore album CASE STUDY 01. He addressed his new music during an interview with Complex last year, saying the project will go light on the features.

“It’s mostly me. I’m not much of a ‘go outside and be social’ type of person and that was before the quarantine,” he explained. “So working on the album post-quarantine, you’re not really interacting with anybody else.”

He continued: “In terms of producers, I’ve worked with quite a few. I’ve started working with one who’s fucking brilliant named Dylan Wiggins. If I wasn’t excited about music before—like if I had started to wane in my love for the artform—he definitely has re-inspired me and made me excited about things. But as far as other artists, there’s no one I would leak right now. But I have met a few people who have made me excited about making things again.”