So Loki Just Dropped an #iPhoneOnly Music Video For "Bet"

The Vancouver rap duo unveils their latest music video which was shot entirely on a phone around British Columbia.

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Vancouver's So Loki haven't been very, well, low key, since we last caught up with them in August. Since premiering their track "Clik" with us this past summer, the duo dropped the Clik visuals as well as their full-length SHINE (which you can stream on Spotify and other platforms now), and have now unveiled the latest video to support the project. 

"Bet" was shot entirely on an iPhone over the course of three days that the duo spent exploring their home province of British Columbia. They also edited the video themselves, and while some might be surprised at the production value and art direction we'd expect nothing less from So Loki, who continue to impress with their distinct brand of DIY/alternative rap that's underground enough to keep its cool factor, but appealing for the masses too. 

The video actually features audio from two songs,  “Bet” and “Clout God/Trendall Jenner,” with the visuals reflecting the change in mood between the two tracks. Peep the video above and stay tuned for more from So Loki. 

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