So Loki Are Back with a Trippy New Video for "Spensive"

The Vancouver-based duo will be releasing their "Planet Bando" EP on May 25.

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So Loki are keeping it anything but low key in 2018. In fact, they're high key killing shit—from dropping knowledge at artist seminars, to releasing some trippy ass music videos and even going on their first tour. So even though we're saying that they're "back" with a new video, they haven't really gone anywhere, and from the looks of it they'll be around for a good long time (and we're totally here for it). 

"Spensive" is the latest offering from the duo and if you've been following their music it doesn't disappoint: booming production care of Geoff Millar and a catchy af hook thanks to Sam Lucia who jumps from flow to flow with maddening ease: Try stop yourself from singing along to “We’ve got 5s, 10s , 20s, 50s, 100s on the floor;” we'll wait.

The accompanying visual is features avant-garde animations created by Owake Records label graphic designer Chromedestroyer. Enjoy the "Spensive" video above or listen to it via Spotify (or your favourite streaming platform), and watch for So Loki's Planet Bando EP to drop May 25. And juuuust in case you thought the boys were playing around, they told us they're already working on Planet Bando 2.

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