Take a Trip to "Planet Bando" with So Loki's Latest EP

The Vancouver-based duo did it again.

so loki planet bando ep

Photo by Steve Kim @skimchi

so loki planet bando ep

Vancouver's unstoppable So Loki have done it again: The twosome just dropped their Planet Bando EP which includes the previously released "Spensive" and "Athletes World," and four other new tracks that feature the duo's wide-ranging production and off-kilter lyricism. 

The six-track offering packs a punch in the nimble 15-minute listen (the longest song is three and a half minutes and the shortest less than two) but clips along nicely with distinctive beats, catchy hooks and quirky rhymes—the melange of which So Loki has been perfecting over the past couple years. They seem to have landed on just the right formula as of late with last year's Shine and all subsequent releases.

Take in the EP below, and stay tuned for more from So Loki: they've already conquered Planet Bando, next stop: the World.  

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