Premiere: Sipprell’s Got “Trust Issues”

The perfect song to end a stressful week.

Image via Filmawi Efrem

London-based singer-songwriter Sipprell has just dropped off the perfect song to end your stressful week. Entitled "Trust Issues", from the jump, it's clear what the song is about—issues with trust in a relationship. Heavy subject matter, some might well say; however the sombre, strings-led backdrop from Maths Time Joy and Sipprell, which underpin her Solange-esque trills, will relax you in ways that you never thought was possible. Speaking over email, Sipprell told Complex: "I wrote 'Trust Issues' about the time I finally found love, but was too scared to lower my guard 'cause I had only ever been hurt. I think we all—especially women, I find—can let our bad experiences keep us from finding something good because we've been let down so much that this is all we know and expect."

Get in your feels exclusively below.

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