Premiere: Bassline King T2 Flips Sam Supplier’s “Night & Day” Into A Club Monster

A Niche-worthy, speed garage stomper that will have you on your toes.

T2 / Photography: Sabb Adams

Bassline/4x4 legend T2 has been drafted in by house music producer (and emcee) Sam Supplier to remix "Night & Day"—his new pop-house offering. After the recent success of DJ Khaled and Drake sampling his 2007 hit single, "Heartbroken", for feel-good song "To The Max", T2 is stepping back in the bass ring to dominate the sound he helped to elevate in the mid-2000s. Here, keeping the vocals of the original intact, the Yorkshire-born beatsmith replaces the piano house production, for a Niche-worthy, speed garage stomper that is sure to have you up on your toes. 

"I actually find it really strange, in an exciting way, when someone remixes my music," Sam told Complex. "It's like their take on it, with their personal sound. The T2 remix is prime example of this, especially being a style of music I don't produce myself. He rang and played the rework to me, when he was in the studio, and I literally screamed down the phone in pure excitement." To that, T2 adds that he's been "playing this mix in sets and it's been shutting it down everywhere." So, without further ado...

The single (and remix bundle) is out right now.

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