Premiere: Watch Catch'em's Video For New Hucci-Produced Track, "Swurvin"

G.U.T.T is the new gang.

A leader in UK cloud-rap and affiliate of Trapstar, Piff Gang and all the cool goings-on in London, Catch'em is that forever turnt up dude you need to know in life. After a short time away from the microphone stand, the west London rapper returns today with a new Hucci-produced track called "Swurvin".

Catch'em tells Complex: "Swurvin' represents where I'm at right now. Known as 'Ash the drunk', I've upped my level of drinking since discovering the VSOP bottles of my chosen alcohol; it's more fine and smooth. Aside from the turn up, musically, I'm trying to represent G.U.T.T GANG more and show the audience that G.U.T.T GANG lifestyle, which isn't worrying about being a gym freak or acting a certain way so the opposite sex can like you, but just having the G.U.T.T's to be yourself." 

The rapper is set to release his new Sex Door Neighbour EP on November 20. For him, this work is like a coming-of-age. "The Sex Door Neighbour EP introduces my more refined way of life," says Ash. "Obviously, I'm growing up and it shows through my music, dress sense, choice of women, and choice of drink... I am the sex door neighbour: a smooth-talking, top hat-wearing ladies' man." And if you ever needed more evidence of all the above, just watch the Jimi Stay Hungry-directed video for "Swurvin" below. 

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You can download "Swurvin" for free, here.

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