The Game Says He's Never Received a Dr. Dre Beat

The Game broke down Dr. Dre's involvement as executive producer on his debut studio album 'The Documentary' before revealing he's never gotten a beat from him.

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The Game is opening up about the fact that he’s never gotten a Dr. Dre beat. 

Even though Dre is credited as an executive producer on Game’s debut studio album The Documentary, the rapper said on Uproxx’sFresh Pair (at the 21:40 mark above) that the involvement of the Aftermath Entertainment founder was limited to oversight.

“He definitely oversaw the hell out of it, I was there,” Fresh Pair co-host Just Blaze interjected.

The Game responded, “You want Dre to oversee anything, because he’s a mastermind when it comes to that, but as far as like doing a beat for The Documentary, like…no. And I’ve never had a Dre beat in my career.”

Game said Dre would enlist producers within his own circle, such as Scott Storch and Timbaland, to work with him on Documentary. “I can’t give Dre credit for the Just Blaze, but it’s a Dr. Dre executive produced album,” he said. “People just don’t understand the underlinings and how the business works.” 

The Game mentioned that Dr. Dre’s involvement, or lack thereof, on The Documentary is exactly why he previously said on Drink Champs that Kanye West did more for his career in a two-week span than Dre ever did. 

Before getting into his situation with Dr. Dre, Game wanted to make it clear he’s only telling his side of the story, and not taking shots. “I’m never shooting shots at Dre, I’m only telling my story. And, my bad if you’re in it, but you’re in it,” he explained.

He continued, “Yeah, Dr. Dre signed me to Aftermath, but he wasn’t pressed to put my album out. That was 50 coming in, like, ‘Yeah, he dope as fuck, I want him in G-Unit,’ and Jimmy Iovine thought that was a good idea too. So, they put me in G-Unit, but I did not want to be in G-Unit. So that’s why I’m not on a G-Unit album, or you didn’t see me in my career with the group when you saw the group. I was just that kinda official, unofficial member.” 

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