People Thought Stormi's Extra AF First Birthday Party Was Parent Goals

The party thrown by Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner for Stormi's first birthday was a level of extra that people hope to reach one day.

This is a picture of Travis and Kylie.

Steve Granitz/WireImage

This is a picture of Travis and Kylie.

Stormi Webster celebrated her first birthday Saturday with an amusement park-themed party. Attendees were invited to StormiWorld, a nod to AstroWorld, the creation of her father Travis Scott, which featured an entrance of an inflatable version of Stormi's head. 

The head is similar to the one Travis made popular. 

As her mother Kylie Jenner admits, "I had to go all out for my baby," and people saw their party for Stormi as a level of extra that they hope to reach for their own child's first birthday. 

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