Hip-Hop Fans Look Back at 50 Cent, Nas, and More Throwing Wild Shots at Other Rappers on NYC Radio

From 50 Cent to Jim Jones, things used to get wild on NYC radio shows when rappers would call in to diss their rivals.

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You simply had to be there.

Few things were as enjoyable as listening to two or more rappers air out their grievances with one another on a New York City-based radio show. One moment you had the usual host conducting their live interview, and then, the mess began. A caller joined the conversation and it turned out to be the rapper they were feuding with.

These types of interactions have been reduced to social media, where the participants are more than likely carefully crafting a response, instead of just letting it fly. These exchanges have become something people are now fondly looking back, so let's take a trip down memory lane along with some Twitter users who remember.

Cam'ron Turned His Hot Line Into a Hot (Diss) Song

Twitter: @My_Fish_Died

Following the hearty laughter, Cam can be heard repeatedly saying 50 Cent's first name, Curtis, which would later be used in a diss track directed at his adversary.

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