E-40 has announced that Chicken & Waffles will be the first flavor in the Soul Food line of his Goon With the Spoon ice cream brand. 

“I’ve always wanted to create a food brand that reflects diversity and culture, so I’m truly proud to unveil my Soul Food line and my new Chicken & Waffles ice cream flavor,” he said in a statement. “Culinary arts is my passion and, as a Black entrepreneur with a prominent platform, I’m committed to doing my part to bring the worlds of food, culture and entertainment together like never before.” 

E-40 expanded his Goon With the Spoon brand to include ice cream in April. “Ice cream has been 4 years in the making but the vision is now a reality,” he wrote in an Instagram post announcing his entry into the space. In addition to Chicken & Waffles, the previous six flavors, which include Bourbon Vanilla and Salted Caramel, are available online at Walmart. 

The Goon With the Spoon brand is inspired by a line that E-40 has said in reference to himself in songs like “Back in Business” and the B-Legit-assisted “I Get Down.” The metaphor is meant to describe his entrepreneurial hustle and ambition.