DJ Paul Drops “Who Run It” Freestyle to End All Other “Who Run It” Freestyles

Respect the originator! “Who Run It” producer DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia put his hat in the freestyle challenge and now everyone can go home.

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After seeing the likes of G Herbo and ASAP Rocky do their thing on the “Who Run It” freestyle challenge, it’s only right that DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia—the collective responsible for creating the song—gets a shot at it. DJ Paul starts off the track by shouting out all the artists who have been “supporting the movement” before delivering some absolute heat.

Since the “Who Run It” freestyle challenge has picked up some considerable steam, DJ Paul spoke with Fader about the song’s backstory, revealing it originally had an alternate beat. “I’m gonna have to do some real digging, but I had an original version of ‘Who Run It’ with a different beat. Now I really wanna hear it,” he recalls. “But, basically, how it happened was, I had a version of ‘Who Run It’ that had keys and scary music in it. And everybody loved that version, but I remixed it and made a new version one night in the studio by myself.” 

After revealing the new version on the tour bus, DJ Paul knew he had a banger on his hands. “We were going to a show in Mississippi, and I came on the tour bus and played the new version for everybody from a cassette tape,” he remembers. “They went ape shit on the bus.”

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