Bobby Shmurda Says He Was Sprayed With Mace and Locked Up Over a Haircut

Bobby Shmurda revealed that he once wanted a haircut before his visit the next day, but things got out of hand, and he was pepper sprayed and locked up instead.

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Bobby Shmurda revealed on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast that he once got sprayed in the face with mace and locked up afterwards because he desperately wanted to get a haircut as soon as possible. 

Shmurda said he was especially motivated to get a haircut because he had a woman visiting him in prison the next day, but the person that he would normally go to didn’t want to do it. A high-ranking deputy was informed of a disagreement involving the rapper, so they showed up with MK-9 pepper spray, commonly used for riots, according to Bobby, and sprayed him in the face. 

Even though he described it as the worst pain he’s ever felt, Shmurda didn’t scream or cry while everyone else in the vicinity was throwing up because he still wanted to get his haircut. Instead of getting his eagerly anticipated visit, Bobby spent the next day locked up. “They sent me right to the box,” he recalled. “They sent my ass to the box. They put me on lockup.”

When asked if was also given a “spit mask,” or “spit hood,” following the incident, Bobby said he learned after wylin’ out once, and getting stripped naked, a revelation that seemed to surprise of Gillie Da Kid. 

Shmurda also admitted that whenever he wanted to send a love letter, he would go to someone older or younger than him. There was one older inmate in particular that he would get in touch with, and he already knew the exchange rate for a love letter was a quarter ounce of weed. 

Bobby confessed in a Hot 97 interview last month that he struggled with sex addiction following his release from prison, and attempted to remedy the situation the month prior by buying a new phone and throwing his old one out. “I bought a new phone, threw the old phone away,” he explained. “You find yourself wylin’, like every other day you go, ‘Yo, what the fuck am I doing, bro?’ … I’m a Leo, I’m a passionate person.”

Skip ahead to the 16-minute mark in the video up top to hear Bobby tell the story. 

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