Billie Eilish Says She Used a Body Double for Part of Her 2022 Coachella Performance

Billie Eilish said she had one of her dancers dress like her and wear a black wig during part of her performance at Coachella earlier this year.

Billie Eilish performs onstage during the "Happier Than Ever Tour."

Billie Eilish performs onstage during the "Happier Than Ever Tour."

Billie Eilish performs onstage during the "Happier Than Ever Tour."

Billie Eilish used one of her dancers as a body double onstage during the beginning of her headlining performance at Coachella earlier this year.  

“I dressed her up in a show look that I had worn before. We got a black wig and we put buns in it and we gave her a mask and sunglasses and she wore my shoes and my socks,” Eilish revealed during an appearance on Apple Music 1’s The Matt Wilkinson Show ahead of her 2022 Glastonbury Festival performance on Friday.  

“I put her up at the back of the stage and she stood there while the lights went on and everybody thought it was me,” she continued. “And nobody ever knew it wasn’t me, literally nobody knew. And while she’s up there, I put on a big black coat and a traffic vest and a hood and just glasses.” 

The revelation came after Wilkinson asked her if she’s ever gone undercover to watch other artists perform during festival stops. “Yeah, but I was a different person then and it didn’t work! I’ve done it though, occasionally in different places, and it’s really nice when you’re able to do it,” she responded. 

Eilish also recently spoke with The Sunday Times about a wide-range of topics, including her difficulties with separation anxiety and opening up to the idea of motherhood. The Oscar and Grammy-winning singer attributes her “crippling, life-changing separation anxiety” to being home-schooled as a kid, and admitted to being uneasy about having children. 

Billie also opened up about it being a “scary” time to live in America, in wake of the Uvalde massacre and the ongoing issue of gun violence. “Why is it OK to be scared to go to school?,” she said. “You go to school and be prepared for a life-changing traumatic experience or dying. What? Who? Where is the logic there?” 

Listen to her interview on The Matt Wilkinson Show here

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