Diddy is a Company Man on "Arsenio"

Puffy talks Revolt, Ciroc, and the death of his father on Arsenio's late night show.

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Last night, Diddy stopped by The Arsenio Hall Show. The legendary mogul wasn't promoting anything in particular, but that allowed him to show off a bit of why he's a legendary mogul in the first place.

In the video above, Arsenio—whose love of rap seeps through his show—pleads for Diddy to return to rap music, even going so far as to say that when he heard Kendrick Lamar's "Control" verse he was waiting for Puffy's response. (Apparently no one, it turns out, has informed Arsenio of Diddy's actualresponse.) Diddy turned that question around as a way to promote his budding television network Revolt TV, saying that it represents the passion he still has for hip-hop, calling it "the ESPN of music."

The duo also toasted two glasses of Ciroc after Diddy talked about his father, who passed away when Diddy was three years old:

“I remember I broke down like five years ago for the first time about my father, and sometimes you feel like you can’t miss what wasn’t there. And you couldn’t really understand it, but when I had needed to talk to another man, an older man for some wisdom and guidance it just broke me down. I was just like... then I felt the loss.”

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