Burning Man, the renowned anti-capitalist art festival/utopian music and nudity experiment that takes place in the Nevada desert each summer, is a popular destination for people from all walks of life looking to come together and do stuff like scrape the dirt off of each others' naked bodies.

And, as anyone who's ever been cornered at a party by some New Age zealot or faux-bohemian tech entrepreneur knows, no matter who you are, you will invariably come back from your Burning Man experience describing it as "life-changing" and unable to talk about anything else. The reasons for this are self-evident: Who wouldn't want to live in a barter economy where there are massive raves every night and no one will look at you twice for wearing body paint head to toe?

It seems that even the world's richest rapper is not immune to lure of living in a cash-free society and immediately coming home to tell all his friends about how great it was. Earlier tonight, Diddy posted an Instagram picture of himself in an awesome white and gold captain's outfit with the caption "#BurningMan Words cannot explain! I'll never be the same. Do u see the glove?"

While the meaning of the gold-sequined glove may be limited to those who have seen the unknowable in Black Rock Desert, there's no doubt Diddy is repping the festival, since he's wearing a necklace in the shape of the Robot Heart, the main rave installation.

He was also captured in the moment by another Instagram user, and Burning Man group on Facebook posted about him being present. While it's against the culture of Burning Man to tout the presence of celebrities, there's the very simple fact that this picture is awesome:

Will this mean a re-invention for Diddy? Will he embark on a hippy phase, renouncing Bad Boy for a more zen pursuit? Only time will tell. For now, just let Diddy tell you that you have to go to Burning Man next year. Seriously, it will change your life. It's not all about the Benjamins, man.

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