Young Thug's Mom Made Him Return to Airport and Apologize to Alaska Airlines Employees

Young Thug's mom made the rapper go back to the airport to apologize to the employees he offended earlier this month.

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Young Thug went to the airport to apologize to the employees he might haveoffended during a recent trip

He shared picture evidence of his trip on Instagram noting that his mom encouraged him to go back. "When your mama make u go to the airport and apologize 😔😞 sorry love ones....," he captioned the photo of him near what appears to be an airport seating area.

Earlier this month, the rapper seemingly acted like a jerk at the airport and shared a video of himself arguing with two female Alaska Airlines employees. "THIS IS Y I RIDE SIGNATURE JETS," he wrote about the video. "THEY TRYIN TO MAKE ME MISS MY SHOW!"

Things only escalated from there as Thug proceeded to refer to the workers as "ants," "peasants," and "bums" while offering them $15,000 to quit their job. He also insulted the women's hair by telling them they "look like Africans" that “got deported" before saying he was "bigger than the law."

Social media was not having it and went in on Thug for his treatment of the workers. Thugger first responded to the criticism on Twitter noting that "Everybody get mad and say shit.... I love the skin I'm in , and I love MY people.... 💯 ," before adding that "the ladies behind the counter was disrespectful too....two sides to every story." He also jumped on Instagram to share his thoughts with a few videos captioned with the words, "African-American I am."

It seems like that wasn't enough for Thug's mom, which is why the rapper is back at the airport today. There's definitely nothing like a face-to-face apology and owning up to a mistake.

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