Twitter Is Going Crazy With Speculation Over Big Sean's New Song "No More Interviews"

Fans are speculating that Big Sean fires shots at Kid Cudi and Kendrick Lamar on "No More Interviews."

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Big Sean more than delivered on his promise Monday to bring the boys and girls new music with "No More Interviews."

Just as the track's cover art suggests, Sean does not shy away from any of the topics that have been said about him in the media and addresses heated topics like Kid Cudi, his new girlfriend, his ex girlfriend and one more in one swift execution.

Understandably, Twitter is already going off about each lyric and speculating the people Sean is calling out. Some bars seem pretty obvious like the line about an ex releasing a tell all book. There's another section that feels aimed at Kid Cudi since Sean brought Cudder on his "First Chain" track with Nas back in 2013. Still, people are split about how they feel about the tension between the former G.O.O.D. Music colleagues.

Like, c'mon Big Sean you gonna be so mad over a Cudi tweet that you write a rap about how he shoulda called you instead?
Big Sean can not not know that him dating Cudi's best friend and producers wife was gonna cause friction. Come on.
@BigSean but shit happens for a reason keep the circle tighter than a cheerio
Big sean vs Drake vs Kid Cudi the beef of who has the hottest struggle bars!!!!!
Ops en route to get an iPhone to @KidCudi after hearing @BigSean 's track
Big Sean talking about him and Kid Cudi's marred relationship
@ComplexMusic @BigSean so heart felt these bars gotta be given people chills down there neck because that's what im feeling those bars wow.
Big Sean was coming for all these mf's heads on "No more interviews"!!!! 🙌🏾
Since he came out @BigSean might be the most improved MC in the game. I honestly don't think it's close. Boy been snappin for a minute now.
Kid Cudi is gonna tweet to Big Sean next telling him to say it to his face 😂😂😂😂
First Drake now Big Sean got Problems with Kid Cudi? 🤔🤔 lol It's not looking too good for my Boy Cudder

People are even speculating that Sean goes after Kendrick Lamar on the track while some fans don't see any shots at Kendrick. "Y'all want big Sean to diss Kendrick Lamar so bad... Idgi," one Twitter user wrote.

Big Sean dissing Kendrick with these bars??
who caught strays from Big Sean

Kid cudi?
Ariana Grande?
that man Big Sean going at Kendrick. 😭
That better not be @BigSean gunning for Kendrick. Don't go there Sean, that's a real dark path 😂#NoMoreInterviews
Just cause Big Sean been washing Kendrick for the last couple songs, let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Big Sean vs Kendrick?
Y'all want big Sean to diss Kendrick Lamar so bad... Idgi
Big Sean really wants it with Kendrick but he's going to regret it if Kenny entertains him
Big Sean didn't say he has beef with Kendrick. Stop.

One thing is clear: Big Sean is not holding back. Check out even more reactions below and revisit the track right here.

Lmao, Big Sean said that before on his me, myself, and I freestyle, niggas wasn't gassing it then lmao, I doubt he dissed Kendrick
Currently, at work taking relationship advice from a new Big Sean song. Y'all can't tell me nothing.
Damn Big Sean came @ a lot of people on that new track 😱 ! He just keeps getting better & better 🔥 ! Y'all better stop sleepin on Sean 👐🏽
I know exactly what I'm getting out of most Big Sean songs and I really appreciate that in these uncertain times
"I'm the poster boy not from the city if you let THEY tell it, greatest rapper of all time if you let YE tell it" #NoMoreInterviews @BigSean
thanks for always staying true to yourself & speaking the truth through your music.. keep doing you, you talented soul @BigSean
Big Sean just wants to be ok with Kid Cudi and Ye... 😭😭😭 #NoMoreInterviews
big sean is sticking up for jhene since cudi threw shots at her he not playing about his bae lol
No more interviews reminded me why I fvcks with @BigSean
Big Sean laid some BARS on this.
R.I.P. to Naya. @BigSean just slaughtered you for the last time. #NoMoreInterviews
"going off like kobe when he wore the crazy 8s"

yo @BigSean just went fully brazy on "no more interviews"
@BigSean dropped some knowledge on No More Interviews

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