Troy Ave Has Been Released From Jail On $500,000 Bail

Troy Ave has been released from jail on a $500,000 bail after being indicted for the deadly shooting at New York City's Irving Plaza in May.

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Troy Ave has been released from jail Monday afternoon on a $500,000 bail. According to NYDN, the rapper was indicted on one count of second degree attempted murder and three counts of second degree criminal possession of a weapon in relation to the deadly shooting at Irving Plaza back in May.

Ave was injured in both of his legs during the shooting, although it is still unconfirmed if his injuries were the result of on or more bullets. Sadly, Troy Ave's bodyguard and friend, Ronald McPhatter, was killed that night, but Ave remains adamant that he did not fire the bullet. Three more individuals were injured with gun shot wounds that night.

A week after initially being arrested, Ave dropped the Free Troy Ave mixtape where he rapped about the night's tragic events, claiming that someone tried to shoot him first before he "turned the tables 'round like a G—R.I.P. my nigga, B-A-N-G." There is precedent in the United States for referring to rap lyrics in a trial, so there is a chance that his mixtape will come up at a later time.

Authorities are still investigating the shooting to determine the exact order of events of that night. In the meantime, Ave will is required to wear an ankle bracelet and must remain in the city, as ordered by Justice Ronald Zweibel. He must also stay away from all performance venues including concert halls, bars, and arenas.

"I wear icy gold chains can't no brass break me [‼️][😎][💪🏽] we out this," Ave tweeted, confirming his release to his fans on twitter with a simple "Facto !!" Ave's mother, Tracey Collins, understandably told DNAinfo that she is just grateful her son is alive and is looking forward to cooking broccoli rabe, penne, and sausage for her son to eat while they catch up on Game of Thrones together. That definitely sounds like a situation Gucci Mane would be into joining if he's caught up to season six yet.

Troy Ave's lawyer did not immediately respond to Complex's request for comment, but we will continue to update as we learn more.

I wear icy gold chains can't no brass break me‼️ 😎💪🏽 we out this.... #freetroyave available everywhere!

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